Mar 08 2009

Home improvements!

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So, we decided to keep this blog as a spot to keep our far flung friends and family up to date on the goings on in our lives :-)  So first up we are putting new flooring in our house and this weekend we got our living room and dining room done.  I will be uploading pictures to our gallery tonight:

Also, we are open to ideas for titles on our blog :-)  Any witty people out there???

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Oct 23 2008

Professional Pics are here!

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Professional pictures (along with our engagement pictures) are now up on our website. Check it out!

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Oct 06 2008

Honeymoon pictures posted :-)

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Ok, we are back from our honeymoon and we had such a great time! We have tons of pictures and we are not done captioning them but you can go to:

and click on Honeymoon Pictures album and check them out. Feel free to leave comments.

Coming soon: Professional pictures!

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Sep 09 2008

We have pictures!!!

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Ok, so I have posted all the pictures we have received so far on the following site:

Please take a look and for those of you whose pictures I haven’t received send them to my email and I will get the up :-)

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Aug 25 2008

Shuttle information posted

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Check out the Shuttle link at the top of the page for information on shuttle times for the wedding! We are looking forward to seeing everyone and sharing our big day! :-)

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Feb 03 2008

Explaining the Poll

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I’ll be providing approximately 4 or 5 varieties homebrewed beer for the reception.  So for those that are beer drinkers, I would like some input as to which styles you would prefer.  If there is a style not listed that you would like to see, choose the other option and add a comment to this post.

 I’ll go through each style one by one:

  • Oatmeal Stout - This is similar to a classic Irish Stout (think Guinness) but with the addition of about 5% oats.  This has a nice roasted taste and little hop aroma, and the oats and a significant body and silky mouthfeel to it.  To add my own touch, I roast the oats for about 25 minutes which adds a slight toasty note in the finish.
  • Bohemian Pilsner - This is the classic European Pilsner.  Crisp and refreshing with a slightly spicy hop taste.  Pale gold with lots of carbonation and served very cold.  This will be slightly sweeter than an American version.
  • Robust Porter - Also known as a Baltic Porter, this is a very strong, very dark porter.  This has a strong malty backbone with a bit of a chocolatey flavor.  This has lots of body, I nicknamed it my milkshake porter, due to the wheat malt base and a generous dose of oats.  It’s also extremely potent at 8.11% ABV.
  • Irish Red - This is a classic Irish Red, extremely malty with a slight roasty-ness in the finish.  I lager mine to keep the fruity tastes at bay and help keep it very clean tasting.
  • Classic American Pilsner - This was all the rage in the pre-prohibition days, based on the bohemian and brewed by German immigrants.  This has the addition of flaked corn to replace some of the barley, making for a dryer finish.  Still a bit sweeter than the American Lagers brewed today, but dryer than the Bohemian version listed above.
  • American Pale Ale - The classic American microbrew style.  A light pale ale, with a touch of malty backbone offset by generous amounts of Cascade hops.  This style was popularized by the Sierra Nevada Pale Ale.
  • San Francisco Lager - Once brewed by dozens of SF brewers, this is today only brewed by the Anchor Steam brewing company.  A hybrid between an Ale and a Lager, this is characterized by the use of only Northern Brewer hops, giving it a spicy finish.
  • Ordinary Bitter - A classic English style, this is not as bitter as the name would suggest.  This has caramel overtones on top of a malty body balanced by English hops.  Very tasty and an easy drinker at 3.5% ABV
  • Other - Suggest anything you want.  No guarantees that I will make it or that what I make will be good.

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Nov 20 2007

Check out our guestbook!

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We now have a guest book for you to sign! So please check out the link up at the top of the page and leave us a message :-)

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Nov 19 2007

Wedding planning update…

Well….I haven’t posted in awhile but it is because I have been so busy with our planning! I recently got our Save the Date cards out (thanks to my bridesmaid Deb for the magnet design!!) and so hopefully people will be receiving them this week or next. We also have managed to book the following:

1) Photographer

2) DJ

3) Minister

4) Florist

We have one more cake tasting and then should be making that decision as well and all of our ceremony/reception vendors will be booked! And ahead of my schedule for myself which makes me very happy.

Go ahead and check out the links on the top of the page for more wedding specifics. And leave us a note!

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Sep 06 2007

The place and time…

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Well we signed our contract and so we have a date and place :-) We will be tying the knot September 6 of next year (yes exactly one year from this post!) at the Resort at Red Hawk. I am posting a couple of pictures with this post, and hoping to figure out how to add a page as a top level link for more details and better pictures.

The entrance to the reception hall… Entrance to the reception hall…

Ceremony Location Ceremony Location…

reception1.JPG View into the reception hall. The wall at the back will be gone, this is set up now for two functions, we will have the entire room.

reception2.JPG This is the section of the room behind the sliding wall in the first picture.

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Aug 23 2007

The ring…

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Josh pointed out that I have been remiss in showing people the ring he picked out :-) I know he spent a lot of time on it and it shows. I have attached some pictures to show everyone what great taste he has :-) And he would be upset if I didn’t mention that the stone is an all natural sapphire and the accent diamonds are certified Canadian :-) Click on either of the images to see a full size one.

Front view

Side view (I LOVE the detail!)

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