Aug 15 2007

The proposal…

Published by Shawn at 7:38 pm under Engagement

So everyone is asking “How did he propose?” and I figure I should go ahead and post the story a bit here. We had decided to take a trip to San Francisco, as an excuse for Josh to stop off and buy some bulk beer supplies from the store near there. Since I had never done any of the touristy parts of San Francisco I left it to Josh to pick our hotel and what sort of things we would do when we were there. He picked a wonderful hotel in the Japantown. The hotel had a Japanese garden with koi pond which we were walking in the second night we were there and he proposed there. Apparently he had been carrying it with him all day trying to decide when was a good time, and I think he chose the best because it was a little more private then the touristy spots we had been visiting already. I will post pics of the hotel and garden soon.